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Surf Spots on the Big Island - Big Island Surf Beaches

Kailua-Kona Surf Spots

A great place to learn or get better. Just south of downtown Kona, down past Magic Sands. From the wall you can check out the break points and get familiar with the rocks and currents. A good place to take a surf!

South of Kailua-Kona about 3.5 miles is Banyans, look for the Banyan Mart. Mostly you''ll find the locals and veteran surfers.

In between Magic Sands and Kahaluu Beach Park area you'll find left breaking waves. A short walk along the shore will get you to the break. A shower found across the road, for after session rinse.

Rocks, sea urchins and more rocks. From downtown go south on Ali'i about 1/4 mile from the Royal Kona. Closest surf spot to town for quick go out!

Pine Trees
Another beginner or learning to surf spot. Go North on Highway 19  out of Kailua-Kona, towards the airport. Take a left when you see a sign that says NATURAL ENERGY LAB, follow down to a gravel road and take another left.  Follow on down to the beach area. A rugged vehicle is recommended!

Hilo and Southeast Big Island Surf Spots

Honolii Beach Park (Cove)
THE spot for Hilo surfers. Sandy beach with breaks at the river mouth. 

All kines surf for all kines surfers. Waves can get big. Outside of Hilo a good bit near the bridge at Hakalau.

Bayfront (Hilo Bay Front)
Experienced surfers ONLY. A REAL paddle out, big surf waves can be found. 

Hilo Breakwall
When it gets big it can be REAL ride. You can only get there by boat, experience surfers only.

Pohoiki Bay (Issac Hale Park)
Lots of breaks with various setups, a good all round surf spot, though waves can get up to 5 meters. About an hour drive north of Hilo town.

Great rental house in South Puna, outside of Pahoa Town. Quiet and comfortable.